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What I Do

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

As a translator, cultural consultant, and certified language instructor, I help German and US-American companies overcome cultural and linguistic barriers so they can do business together effectively. Over the past nine years, I have also cultivated a proprietary network of linguistic consultants who I rely on to help my clients communicate with countries other than Germany and the United States – France and Spain to name a few. My clients benefit from four main services, but I also accept requests for related services. As long as I am able to provide you with a high level of professional service to meet your needs, I would be glad to fulfill your request. If I am unable to offer top-notch service for your request, I will do my best to refer someone who can. The four main services I offer are: document translation, project management, cultural consulting and training, and language teaching.


Most requests I receive are for document translation, so there’s a good chance you’ll find me at my desk typing out a translation on the keyboard on any given day. This service entails receiving a document from a client written in one language and composing a document containing the exact same meaning in another language. I translate German-language documents into English myself and enlist the help of a trusted proprietary network of linguists to complete translations from English into German as well as translations involving other languages, such as French and Spanish. Formatting also plays a big role here, since I pay close attention to making the formatting of the translation match that of the original. Once I’m done with them, the translation and original will look almost like mirror images when placed side-by-side, with the only difference being the language they’re written in.


I offer project management services in order to make intercultural communication as seamless and convenient as possible for my clients. There may be cases where you have a document written in English and you want it translated not only into German, but also French, Spanish, and Italian. Later on, you may have a project that is simply too large for a single person to complete within the necessary time frame. When this happens, all you have to do is say the word. I will put together a team of linguists to complete your project, coordinate the work, facilitate on-time delivery, and deliver the finished product. You only have to communicate with and pay one person – me.


With my master’s degree in Intercultural German Studies and in-depth knowledge of US-American and German culture, I am well-qualified to take on cultural consulting projects. Being well-versed in cultural and linguistic analysis of interpersonal interactions enables me to identify nuanced cultural misunderstandings others may miss in daily interactions. Let’s say you have a German and US-American team working together on a project, for example, and they are constantly getting into petty arguments. You can’t figure out why, since before this project they generally worked well with others. I can sit in on meetings, record interactions, interview participants, and analyze data gathered in this way to uncover the cause. In another case, you might be wondering what kinds of music consumers prefer listening to in Germany. I can tap into the dialogue on music in German social media, blogs, and forums to see what consumers are saying about it. Maybe you don’t have any cultural concerns yet, but are sending a group of employees from your headquarters in New York to work in Germany for a while and want to train them on the basics of German culture before problems arise. All of this and much more is within the realm of possibility with my services. Just contact me and I will work with you to develop a custom consulting plan to fit your specific needs.


Learning the language of the country you plan on operating in can generally make life a lot easier. That’s why I also offer language teaching services to my clients. I hold the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA Certification) awarded by Cambridge and have experience teaching both English and German as a second language. Depending on your needs, I can teach group classes or provide private tutoring. I do not have a teaching studio, but I can travel to your home, company premises, or any other location we agree upon.


Have questions about my services? Contact me for more information and for a free, non-binding quote.

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