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Technical Copywriting

& Technical Writing

Convey your product’s unique value proposition to consumers with ease through technical copywriting by a creative technical writer who understands what makes your product tick. My background in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and industrial writing gives me the technical expertise necessary to understand how your product works. All you have to do is tell me what it is and what makes it special.

International Search

Engine Optimization

Reach a larger audience with international search engine optimization customized to promote your products and services in Germany and the United States. As a bilingual speaker of German and English, my understanding of the linguistic and cultural aspects of both languages allows me to perform effective keyword research and compose attractive marketing content for both Germany and the United States.

Creative German to

English Translation

Send a message that truly resonates with clients, employees, and partners in the United States and Germany by having your copy culturally adapted and translated into German or English. I will do more than translate your content. I will craft a transcreation, with an eye for the cultural considerations sure to draw in your target audience and make them feel welcome.

How I work: My 6-Step Process
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