No claims will be considered after 30 days from the date of invoice.

Within the limits of the law, all claims will be limited to the amount of the invoice.

If the client is not satisfied with the translator’s work, the translator must be given an opportunity to correct the translation before payment terms or rates are changed.

If the translation project is canceled after a project assignment has been made, the translator will be paid for all work completed up to the time of cancellation.

If a translation project assignment is made and then changed, the translator will be paid for all work completed on the original assignment before notification of the assignment change was sent to the translator by the client.

If a translation project is changed after work begins or if the materials necessary to complete the assignment are not delivered to the translator on time, the original due date and time of the finished translation will become invalid and a new due date and time must be agreed upon by the translator and client.

The client’s terms of service will not be in effect until approved in writing by the translator.

If an end client or third party employs the client, the translator’s business agreement is with the client only.  The client must pay the translator as agreed upon, regardless of the end client or third party’s payment policies.

Payment Deadlines: 

Generally the client will receive an invoice after the project is completed and this invoice must be paid within thirty days of the invoice issue date. A down payment may be required from clients commissioning large projects or from new clients. Customized payment deadlines may be arranged before the invoice is issued.

Translation Processing Time: 

Since translation is a highly specialized service, there is no set processing time for translations. The translator will do her best to accommodate clients’ schedules. If you need the translation by a certain time, please let the translator know when you make your request. A deadline for delivery will be agreed upon by the client and the translator when the translation is ordered.


Generally translations are nonrefundable. If the client feels that he/she has received a defective translation, the translator will fix it free of cost if the request is received within 30 days of the invoice issue date. 

A refund for a deficient translation may be possible if extreme quality issues become apparent. Before a refund can be given for an extreme quality issue, an objective third party approved by the translator and the client must confirm that an extreme quality issue exists. Within the limits of the law, all claims will be limited to the amount of the invoice. No claims will be considered after thirty days from the invoice issue date.

Cancellation Policy:

If the client decides to cancel the translation after ordering it, he/she must pay the translator for any work completed on the translation between the time the order was placed and the time at which the client informed the translator of the desire to cancel. The translator will then deliver the unfinished product if the client wishes to have it. The quality of an unfinished translation cannot be guaranteed and the unfinished translation must be accepted as is.

Privacy Policy:

Documents that are not readily available to the public will be treated as strictly confidential. Document contents will only be disclosed to a third party if absolutely necessary to provide services as agreed by the translator and client, if it becomes necessary to do so in order to report criminal activity to law enforcement authorities, or if required by law. Contact information disclosed to the translator during the course of business that is not already available to the public will not be forwarded to third parties unless absolutely necessary to perform services as agreed by the translator and client or unless permission is granted by the client. Information conveyed to the translator through a third party or shared with a third party by the client while in the process of doing business with the translator (example: information given to PayPal while making payment) may also be subject to the privacy policy of the third party involved.


The translator reserves the right to make changes to these terms. Changes take effect as soon as they are posted here.


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